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Gold CoinsWe offer loans at very low competitive rate of interest. For loans up to £2,000, we charge only 2% per month or 26.82% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), while loans between £2000 and £5,000 have an even lower rate of 1% per month or 12.68% APR charged on the outstanding balance. This means that if you borrow £500 over 12 months, you could pay only £67.05 in interest! And if you pay it back quicker, you will pay even less! Compare that with Payday loans with APR rates often in excess of 4000%. Some other features:
  • Free valuable life insurance on your loan balance if you are less than 70 years old. More details here.
  • No set-up fees
  • No early redemption fees
All you have to do to qualify for these fantastic value loans is to show a regular pattern of savings. For full details, click  here.

Loan Calculator

Try our loan calculator to illustrate how much you could borrow and how much it will cost to repay. We'll assume you take out the loan today. Just enter the amount you want to borrow ( maximum of £5,000) and the length of time in months you want to borrow it for (maximum of 5 years). Then press "Calculate".

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Registered Office: 142 Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3HL. Registered Number IP00561C
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